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With over one million albums sold, five National Public TV Specials, and 10 Billboard Charting CDs, composer Tim Janis has worked with some of the top artists in the music and entertainment business -- from Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, and Ray Charles, to George Clooney and James Earl Jones. Janis creates what many in the media have called Music With a Mission, music projects which aim to advance important causes through music.


It started in 1999, when Janis teamed up with the People's Princess Foundation to create a children's charity fundraising album to accompany the internationally touring exhibit of Princess Diana's Dresses. Then Janis teamed up with McCartney and Joel to create Music of Hope, a fundraising CD for the American Cancer Society.

With many lives changed, Janis truly believes that music can help heal some of the challenges of the world.

Eve Plumb started her acting career at age 6 performing in many television shows and commercials.

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